TCL C-Collection (55C807) evaluate

TCL C-Collection (55C807) evaluate

Or no longer it’s principal to fancy how simple TCL has made its line-up this year – there are accurate four assortment: the D-Collection, S-Collection, the P-Collection and the C-Collection. 

The D-Collection is for the price customers – the folks who’re combing the newspaper advertisements on Dark Friday shopping for the most affordable monitors. The P-Collection, adversely, is all about efficiency. The TCL P607 was once one of our current monitors of 2017 for that motive. The S-Collection is mark of the in-between. It has some tidy sides, but it’s serene colossal affordable.

So what’s the take care of TCL’s C-Collection? The ‘C’ stands for contemporary create. The very glaring implication here is that it’s a TV that appears effective – and it does – but greater than that the contemporary create is upright to its name, offering both an hooked up sound diagram hidden in the wait on of a mesh grille and a bevy of ports that might perhaps join as a lot as four HDMI sources. 

If all that isn’t contemporary ample for you, it comes with Dolby Vision and Roku TV built-in, two contemporary TV technologies that serve the C-Collection compete with monitors that stamp twice as powerful. 

This abilities, alongside the exceptionally graceful create, form the C-Collection a TV favorable of an audition on your inform theater. That acknowledged, there are accurate about a considerations with it that it’s probably you’ll perhaps possibly also serene know about sooner than going all-in on this camouflage camouflage. 


One inform that you gained’t rep a project is the general knowing of the TV – it’s slim, graceful and appears colossal sitting on a home entertainment heart. 

The TV comes in three variations: a fifty five-walk and Sixty five-walk version, plus a newly launched Seventy five-walk mannequin. The mannequin we’ve chosen for evaluate is the manageable – and decently affordable – 55C807, which comes in at $649.  

The distinguishing elements for the C-Collection is the colossal knowing bezel, hooked up soundbar and microphone-equipped distant that lets you make exhaust of declare search on Roku TV. (Once it’s probably you’ll perhaps possibly live with out that last feature, pay attention to deciding on up the a limited of more cost effective C803.) The extra audio part affords a appreciable boost to the TV’s sound, but it additionally makes the TV a limited rotund around the perimeters and no longer one thing you’d comprise placing on your wall.

Skedaddle the TV the entire manner round to the wait on and you’ll rep a extensive selection of ports: three HDMI 2.Zero ports with HDCP 2.2, one HDMI 2.Zero port with ARC, one USB port plus AV In, three.5mm out, Digital Optical Audio and an Ethernet port. It’s about the most productive you’re going to mark with out hooking a camouflage camouflage as a lot as a multi-channel receiver. 

To prop the TV up, the C-Collection comes with a put of residing of two metal legs that mosey into the chassis with relative ease. Your entire setup direction of takes decrease than five minutes, with the hardest section being registering the TV with Roku. (That’s no longer worrying either, especially whereas you already you’ve owned a Roku player at some level on your lifestyles.) 

The one key explain with the create isn’t one thing TCL incorporated, but reasonably one thing that didn’t form its manner to the camouflage camouflage: an anti-reflective coating. Without it, glare becomes a well-known project for the camouflage camouflage – especially whereas you inform the camouflage camouflage in a lounge advance a window. Sadly, that manner whereas it’s probably you’ll perhaps possibly’t form a fully darkish atmosphere to your camouflage camouflage, pay attention to that you’ll potentially stumble upon some mark of glare right by strategy of day-time exhaust.

Invent TL;DR: The knowing of the TV is exceptionally graceful and extremely-minimal. It packs a extensive selection of ports, an hooked up soundbar and a microphone-equipped distant whereas you decide for the increased-pause C807 mannequin. 

Tidy TV (Roku TV)

Arguably the most productive decision TCL has made in years is backing Roku TV – potentially the most sturdy, egalitarian and stable TV running diagram on this planet.

Once you’re no longer accustomed to the platform, image an running diagram that’s unnecessary-simple to make exhaust of, offers practically every streaming carrier and seldom, if ever, crashes. It’s roughly the gold usual in running systems.

To that pause, navigating around the block-heavy interface is inconspicuous, with simple entry to every app in the home camouflage camouflage. Can’t rep what you’re shopping for? Procuring is good a declare uncover away whereas the exhaust of the evolved microphone equipped distant on the C807. 

The TV additionally comes equipped with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which for those of us who comprise our TV too a long way-off from our router, is a god-send.

New for platform in 2017 is the power to label inputs (labeling one input as Xbox or DVD Participant in preference to Enter 1, etc…), some extra smartphone sides and, for the first time, Dolby Vision enhance. 

Dolby Vision lets you safe completely the most from the TV in terms of efficiency and – whereas tracking down Dolby Vision swear material is serene a limited of a grief for the time being – Roku does a factual job highlighting the entire available swear material in a original row in the 4K UHD Highlight app. 

On high of all the pieces else, there’s additionally the Roku Channel which offers free swear material (with advertisements in between, of direction) from the moment you flip the TV on. You largely gained’t rep an up-to-the-minute catalog of movie releases, but every once in awhile you’ll rep a gem or two.

Tidy TV TL;DR: Roku TV continues to be the gold usual for TV-essentially based mostly running systems. It will no longer be the flashiest OS, but it’s simple, horny and initiate to each person.

HD/SDR Efficiency

Though 4K/HDR beckons us with its alluring extended color gamut and copious pixel rely, we’re serene lunge, for now, to luxuriate in most swear material in HD/SDR. 

But, thankfully, the factual news here is that, regardless of no longer having a secret agent wherever near as factual because the 4K/HDR swear material appears, HD/SDR swear material is delectable here … even whereas you’ll study about a most fundamental elements here and there with oversaturation and downhearted upscaling. 

You’ll study these failings the most when looking out at live-action swear material (amongst various issues, we watched Indiana Jones and the Closing Crusade and the Olympic Video games in HD/SDR) and now no more when looking out at one thing else fascinating. Animation, by its very nature, plays smartly with the C-Collection involving color palette whereas proper human pores and skin tone tends to skew off-kilter. 

It’s additionally simple to more straightforward to study the lackluster shadowy ranges whereas you’re looking out at HD/SDR swear material. Any scene that tries to painting upright darkness comes out an inky gray – which is partly a limitation of the panel abilities, especially when stacked in opposition to OLED or the future-facing MicroLED abilities.

Most of those considerations come down to the panel abilities TCL has chosen to maneuver with on the C-Collection. Edge-lit LED panels are stamp-efficient, clear, but they usually give upward thrust to uniformity elements that plague the camouflage camouflage. (Look: oversaturation.)  

These elements detract from the TV viewing abilities and with out a greater upscaling engine on-board HD/SDR swear material in total appears esteem … smartly, HD/SDR swear material.

HD/SDR TL;DR: Here is an inform the put TCL’s C-Collection can also exhaust some proper improvements in due direction. Upscaling, oversaturation and shadowy ranges are all pretty large elements, and whereas the resulting images are passable, they’re removed from class-main.

4K/HDR Efficiency

Finally, a 4K HDR TV essentially shines when it has 4K HDR swear material. To that pause, we’re grateful that Altered Carbon – the original Sci-Fi assortment on Netflix essentially based totally on the e book of the the same name – was once no longer too long ago released and available to study in Dolby Vision. 

The uncover is the idyllic take a look at subject. One moment you’re staring at a bleak cityscape that might perhaps form the cinematographer for Blade Runner green with envy, and the next you’re bathed in sparkling neon or even brighter blues of the sky that surround the Bancroft Mansion. 

In 4K Dolby Vision, colors regarded downright radiant with distinctive distinction and essentially factual readability. Sure, there comprise been serene elements with uniformity and oversaturation (over again, a project that’s attributed to the panel abilities itself) but they had been at a extra tolerable stage here. 

Striking apart the colossal-having a secret agent Dolby Vision spec for a 2nd, TCL has done smartly to command some of its maintain wise, proprietary uncover abilities to the TV, our current of which is NBP Photon. This abilities is what brings Huge Coloration Gamut (WCG) to the C-Collection, and in mumble, the outcomes are out of the ordinary – blues are bluer, greens are greener etc. (We comprise our suspicions that that is what causes oversaturation with HD/SDR swear material – but, by manner of 4K/HDR, colors secret agent radiant and sparkling, but serene plausible.)

In sum total, the C-Collection does powerful better with 4K/HDR swear material than it does with HD/SDR. Dolby Vision and NBP Photon can essentially uncover off the TV’s stronger fits, and whereas they don’t erase the elements mentioned above, they mark a ravishing job lessening their impact.

4K/HDR TL;DR: Here’s the put the C-Collection essentially shines. 4K/HDR swear material appears exceptionally certain, radiant and involving, thanks in no small section to technologies esteem Dolby Vision and TCL’s proprietary NBP Photon abilities.


The motive you’d want to capture up a C-Collection camouflage camouflage in preference to the P-Collection is 2-fold. First, you’re in it for the sleeker create. The 2nd motive, and the extra pragmatic one, is for the improved audio. To that level, hidden under the mesh grille is a decently noteworthy put of residing of speakers. (We’ll consult with it as a soundbar, despite the fact that, technically speaking, we’re no longer clear it qualifies.) 

With the soundbar in toe, the C-Collection can also serene theoretically offer a proper earnings over various monitors in TCL’s arsenal … it’s going to also serene, but in our notion it doesn’t. Dialogue is serene tough to hear every so ceaselessly, even when the quantity is round 50%. You’ll develop the quantity in uncover to hear the dialogue, finest to comprise a unexpected burst of sound in the next scene. 

Furthermore, sound can come out a limited muddled if it’s no longer in the speaker’s tonal candy jam – highs can become piercing and decrease bass tones become distorted or less noteworthy than they might possibly additionally possibly be with one other put of residing of speakers. The bass response doesn’t kick in until 80Hz or so, and that manner powerful of those wall-shaking explosion outcomes come out to be nothing greater than a silly yowl.

That’s no longer to claim the built-in option sounds hideous – it doesn’t. It fulfills its aim dutifully, if no longer perfectly. We accurate feel that a separate soundbar, in total speaking, will be a extra stamp-efficient resolution and would seemingly sound better in the overwhelming majority of cases. 

Sound TL;DR: The hooked up audio diagram on TCL’s C-Collection wasn’t our current. It had some elements on the outer limits of the audio spectrum, reproducing dialogue and in total didn’t form as a lot as our expectations. 

Closing verdict

If all you’re shopping for a low-stamp, excellently designed and Dolby Vision-esteem minded 4K HDR TV, the C-Collection encapsulates all the pieces you’re shopping for. It does the entire above with out any elements, corpulent discontinuance. But, whereas you’re mad about better efficiency with HD/SDR swear material, audio and a train-lit LED camouflage camouflage, smartly, you’ll have to secret agent in totally different locations.

All else equal, we’d recommend snatching the ravishing (and even more cost effective) TCL P-Collection P607. It’s finest available in one dimension, fifty five-inches, but it offers a train-lit camouflage camouflage with 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Roku TV engrossing about a chunk of decrease than the 55C807 – accurate make sure to present your maintain soundbar.

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