House Lab is the Dopest Lab

House Lab is the Dopest Lab

Sunday, December three, 2017

I frequently delight in some random aspect mission I’m working on, whether or now not it is making the
world’s most over engineered desktop OS all running in containers or updating all my Makefiles to
be the definition of glittering beauty.

This submit goes to omit I how I recently redid all my home networking and
within the waste how I got to here:

I dilapidated Unifi for all the pieces and here’s what I got:

It was once so unbiased having a explore when it arrived.

I adore fun aspect initiatives so clearly I space all of it up unbiased appropriate away. You need
a “controller” to delight in the succesful Unifi UI. You are going to be in a assign to engage a cloud key nonetheless I wished
to stride the controller in container factual adore Dustin Kirkland. So I space about writing a Dockerfile for the
controller and it is now at r.j3ss.co/unifi.

You are going to be in a assign to stride it with:

docker stride -d --restart frequently 
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro 
    --name unifi 
    --quantity route/to/where/you/favor/your/data:/config 
    -p 3478:3478/udp 
    -p 10001:10001/udp 
    -p 8080:8080 
    -p 8081:8081 
    -p 8443:8443 
    -p 8843:8843 
    -p 8880:8880 

The get UI is at https://{ip}:8443. To adopt an get entry to level, and get it
to order up within the plan you should presumably should always ssh into the AP and stride:

ssh [email protected]$AP-IP mca-cli space-expose http://$tackle:8080/expose

Then I went loopy and made definite all the pieces that wished to consult with with every other
was once on the identical subnet and all the pieces else was once remoted into it’s delight in subnet.
I dilapidated VLANs to prevail on this.

Moreover watch out now not to subnet yourself accurate into a gap 😉

The suitable ingredient about these APs are they’re Energy over Ethernet! One wire, one


I with out a doubt delight in a bunch of Intel NUCs as a consequence of Carolyn Van Slyck and Joe
for his or her thought management… my wallet is
now not gay with you two. Moreover investigate cross-take a look at Carolyn’s submit on her NUC setup.

I zigzag them all into my Swap (dazzling) and into their delight in subnet. Then
I went about developing SSH for all of them.

I utilize Yubikeys for authentication to GitHub and actually all the pieces else where
that is doable so I made a bot to sync any contemporary ssh keys added to my GitHub to
the licensed keys on my server. It lives at github.com/jessfraz/sshb0t.

I would ONLY indicate doing that within the event you should presumably need two ingredient auth turned on so
you construct definite that no one else nonetheless you should presumably presumably get entry to your story. And truthfully if any individual
gets into my GitHub story I am going to delight in wayyyy worse points that them
coming into into my NUCs.

I with out a doubt delight in ssh keys on Yubikeys that I space up. There could be a with out a doubt huge data to
doing this on GitHub
so I’m now not going
to repeat it.

I with out a doubt delight in dockerfiles for the entire Yubikey tools or now not it could maybe presumably presumably be wanted to space it up in my
dockerfiles repo.

Shall we embrace you should presumably presumably leap accurate into a container with ykman with:

docker stride --rm -it 
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro 
    --plan /dev/usb 
    --plan /dev/bus/usb 
    --name ykman 
    r.j3ss.co/ykman bash

This works for the entire other docker pictures adore ykpersonalize etc. Whilst you get
stuck the entire commands are in my dotfile aliases at

I gain to require “contact to authenticate”. You are going to be in a assign to prevail on this with:

# for every ssh connection
ykman openpgp contact aut on

# for signing
ykman openpgp contact sig on

# for encrypting
ykman openpgp contact enc on

For the Chromebook Pixelbook ssh consumer authentication you factual need the Natty Card
reader extension and that probabilities are you’ll be unbiased to pass! You are going to be in a assign to procure the knowledge on that from
the Chromium Docs.

Let me factual acknowledge the most stylish demand I get… No, I don’t utilize Crouton
on my Chromebooks I factual ssh to the cloud or to my home lab. I adore issues
clear and minimal within the event you should presumably need now not seen already.

Okay so that’s all for now. I’ll prevail in any other deep dive into the remainder of my
infrastructure when I’m now not overwhelmed with how worthy there could be…

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